Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Worthy of your most-wanted reading list"

In the Austin Statesman (July 31, 2011) book reviewer Mike Cox says The Oldest Profession in Texas, with "highly chapters," is worthy of "your most-wanted reading list." To read an online version of the review, visit the Austin Statesman.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"The Oldest Profession" makes headline in Waco

In the Waco Tribune-Herald (July 27, 2011), J. B. Smith wrote: "If you were looking for sin in downtown Waco a century ago, you didn't have far to go. Cross Washington Avenue on Second Street and you arrived in a shadowy world where anything went—for a price." In Smith's two-page feature, "When Paying for Sin was Legal in Waco," he interviewed James Pylant and Sherri Knight, authors of The Oldest Profession in Texas: Waco's Legal Red Light District. To read an online version of the interview, visit

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Associated Press covers 'The Oldest Profession in Texas'

Jacobus Books authors James Pylant and Sherri Knight were interviewed for an Associated Press feature, "Waco Madam's Life Recalled," written by Paul A. Romer. The article focuses on Cora McMahan, a colorful character discussed in Pylant and Knight's book, The Oldest Profession in Texas. "Before her life came to a violent end somewhere between Temple and Belton in August 1890," writes Romer, "Cora McMahan had developed a salacious reputation everywhere she lived." Romer's article is posted online: